What is Facebook for, when it comes to brands?

Kind of interesting article at Survey: Facebook Strategy Should be About Deals Not Engagement | Social Commerce Today.

It’s kind of interesting mainly because the research it’s built on appears pretty flaky. Essentially they asked the question ‘Why do you follow brands on Facebook?’, wrote down that the most popular answer was ‘to get offers/deals’ and then decided that is what Facebook should be all about.

Is that really the thing to take out this survey? How do you square that with the most popular brand pages on Facebook – check out the Most Popular site, then check out the Skittles page (11.8m fans today). It’s complete gibberish, basically, but lots of people follow it and seem to appreciate it. Incidentally, also check out Vin Diesel’s page if you have time. It’s mindblowing in many ways.

Anyway, I think there’s tons of rubbish written about Facebook and I think the numbers quoted in support of it are largely meaningless.  I don’t think there really is such a thing as a ‘Facebook strategy’ for a brand. You are either the type of brand which has a valid presence on Facebook or you’re not (which is also OK too). If you are not a natural fit but want to be, then it’s more than a Facebook strategy you need – it’s a new strategy full stop. You need content and conversation (interesting blog post by Robinson Pincus about comedy, which seems a good fit for content provision for brands with nothing to say naturally).

But….despite all that, Facebook has to be about more than deals and offers because, in the end, it’s a microcosm of life. I don’t mean that in a praiseworthy way, just that it apes the way people have been living and working forever so it’s not some amazing mysterious thing that has different rules.

For example, I’m rubbish on Facebook because I’m a miserable, lonely person with very few friends by choice.  I always have been. If I started offering people free stuff then I’d probably have more ‘friends’ but they still wouldn’t really like me because I’m offering very little warmth in return.

Basically, do you want to be liked? If you do want to be liked, deals and money off is a good way in but it’s hardly a long term plan. If that is your long term plan, you’re only as popular as your last deal, which has to be better than the last deal. Where does it end?

Oh, and do better research, then spend more time thinking about it.

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