JR Hartley goes raving

I don’t usually like adverts much but this one makes me feel all warm inside – and really old.

It’s an update of the JR Hartley Fly Fishing Yellow Pages ad. This time a Day V Lately is trying to track down…a trance record he made in 1992.

If you weren’t feeling old enough at this point, Dave Lately then goes home and is shown how to use an iPhone app by his daughter to track down his trance record.

So, to recap: Trance records are as laughably old-fashioned as dusty old books about fly fishing.  A guy who made one of these curiosities – way back in 1992! – hasn’t really heard of the internet and his kids will need to show him how to use an ‘iPhone’ to indulge his nostalgia. Oh, and he’ll dress like he’s still in 1992, which is sweet but a little bit sad really.

Still, it makes for a nice ad. I’d probably download the Yell app if (A) I wasn’t reliant on a locked down work blackberry and (B) Google had never been invented.

Yell casts JR Hartley ad into digital era | Media | guardian.co.uk.

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