Mind my externalities

Read a free newspaper, finish it and chuck it on the floor of the tube carriage. Open a sandwich, eat it and leave the wrapper on the seat when you go.

Or, as someone reading an impeccably right wing, mad frothing tax cutting newspaper did this morning, open it up and shake out all the ad/direct mail stuff on the floor before starting to read something about how we all pay so much tax these days. So much tax to pay people to pick up your shit, Mr Gordon Gecko impersonating slick back hair bastard.

I’m sure you probably whinge about paying for the NHS because you have private medical insurance. Well, I don’t fancy paying for people to pick up your shit either, thanks. A tiny little piece of my tube ticket is needed to cover someone on an incredibly small wage picking up after you. This person is probably working for a private contractor, as recommended by you and your mates, and therefore not earning enough to cover their living costs. Which means some of my taxes goes to paying them housing benefits and giving their kids free milk and stuff.

That probably pisses you right off, that these people get tax payers money. You probably also think the tube is both too expensive and shouldn’t get any public subsidy. I’m happy with both these things, as it happens. I’d rather pay for them to be in London than you any day, though soon I’m sure nobody on anything resembling ‘normal’ wages will be able to even get to London to perform the joyless task of cleaning up after you.

In fact, maybe I’ve got you wrong. I’m sorry. Maybe you’re a Keynesian and you’re just making sure that the growing underclass has some useful employment. I doubt it though. You’re probably just a c–t.

Obviously I can have the same rant about all sorts of externalities but this banal example is what got me angry this morning.

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